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Pathways to Glory

Relational Devotional

God originally designed a series of appointed ways for the Hebrew people to engage with Him. Within these appointed ways, often referred to as feasts or festivals, God hid rich treasures! On the one hand He laid out ways men and women could relate with Him and enjoy a dynamic and fruitful relationship with Him. In addition, He provided visual aids that foreshadowed the Messiah who was to come, so that all people would appreciate the grace of their Savior and power of His Holy Spirit.

Reflecting upon these appointed ways and mining out the treasures in them cannot help but change your life forever! The purpose of the chart below is to facilitate this process. Clicking the links in the boxes will open each devotional page. The additional links below the chart will provide more information and insights to lead you through learning of God's purposes as revealed in these appointed ways. As you read and reflect, you will find your knowledge of God growing, and your relationship with Him enhanced.

Let's get started!

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Pathways to Glory Relational Devotional




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More About Pathways to Glory

Connect and Relate Heart-to-Heart with God


Tap into Your Capacity in God

Catch God's Rhythm According to His Designed Plan of Engagement

The early disciples related with and experienced God in a very real and dynamic way. They had a multidimensional perspective of the multi-dimensional/manifold grace of God. This devotional will help you cultivate such a relational and multidimensional perspective. It will nurture your devotional life by helping you intimately relate with God, know the genuine love of God and experience fruitful life in God. You will connect with God according to the ancient paths in a real, refreshing and personal way that will expand your faith and bring hope to your heart.

How? God originally designed a series of appointed ways for the Hebrew people to engage with Him. While the original outward ways of celebrating these appointed times and feasts have evolved over time, God imbedded in them measures of grace concealed in the old covenant but dynamically revealed as amazing grace in the upgraded or new covenant! In fact through the light of Messiah Jesus we see these appointed ways and love feasts as illustrations and expressions of God's love in ways we can connect to and relate with.

On the one hand you will see, as the apostle Paul did, God's greater purposes. He revealed in Colossians 2:17 that these appointed times are a shadow of things that are coming, but the body is of the Messiah. As shadows of grace rich in symbolism, they point forward to the one casting the shadow Messiah Yeshua-Jesus Christ!

He came as the Light to reveal God's love and illuminate God's truths. He revealed how to apply God's truths in relevant and practical ways that nurture our faith. Seen through His light with eyes of faith we can see how these appointed ways serve as visual aids illustrating God's relational plan of engagement; revealing aspects of how God seeks to engage and relate with us so we know Him better and enjoy a more dynamic and fruitful relationship with Him.

Psalm 85:13 relates how His footsteps are our pathway. The PATHWAYS TO GLORY grid or map so to say, captures these special types of engagements in a multidimensional way, taking you on a multi-path journey with God. As you go it will illuminate real, refreshing and dynamic ways to relate with God.

You will see how these engagements serve as rehearsals foreshadowing an eternal relationship with God. In a very practical sense, you will more clearly see the big picture and gain fresh insights into God's process and pattern. As a result your knowledge of God and relationship with God will be greatly enhanced.

You will also more fully understand God's grace, way of redemption and restoration and discern the wisdom and will of God as your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is sharpened and your focus is centered on God's greater purposes. Overall, your life will come into greater alignment and union with God as you relate with how God works in all aspects of your life; your relationships and vocational life.

Using the Pathways Grid

Each box links to a pop-up box providing capsule insights on TRUTH and GOD'S PURPOSES as well as RELEVANCE to life. In addition, questions are provided for REFLECTION on REALITY so you can RELATE with God and RESPOND. Scripture REFERENCES are also provided for additional study and reflection to make your devotion time with God more meaningful and fruitful.

May the Lord bless you and Holy Spirit enlighten you as you engage with Him that you find God's wisdom, experience His purposes and He be glorified!



Using the Chart


A Dynamic Framework for
Spiritual Growth in God's
Love and God's Ways

Gain deep insights and experience transformation through the appointed ways God ordained to relate with Him. Follow key topics relevant to your walk with the LORD, and grow in faith and virtue as He leads you in His paths of righteousness.

Horizontal Approach

Choose from any of the 7 horizontal Relational tracks moving across the grid focusing on one topic at a time.

Vertical Approach

Do an in-depth study across the 7 vertical Feast tracks.

Spirit-led Approach

Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your study and devotion as He leads you along your journey of life, and as specific topics become of particular interest and relevance to you.

Catch the Broad Vision

For a deeper understanding of how the Appointed Times of the LORD align with God?s process of Creation, Revelation and Redemption, point to His purposes of developing Values, Vision and Virtue, bring us into greater sync with the rhythm of heaven and help us celebrate our relationship with God, see the Overview.

Grace in the Pattern and Process

As you engage with God keep focused on the big picture of His process and pattern. Therein, you will find His grace and redemptive values as you relate with how God is working in your life.

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